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Let's talk about Cómpeta!

All about Competa; why you should visit this pretty pueblo in Andalucia?

We would love to show you all the wonderful things to do in Competa, but first let us tell you a little about it and Andalucia as a holiday destination!

Andalucía is famous for many things. Delectable cuisine, diverse culture, picturesque villages and magnificent, striking and varied natural scenery. It has a passionate history and the passion lives on and is best told through Flamenco. The Andalusians love a fiesta (big party) and it’s no surprise that so many holidaymakers are drawn to this fabulous region on Spain’s south-eastern coast.

Competa is a beautiful Andalusian village set within the stunning mountain range of Sierra Almijara.   Its inhabitants are known as Cómpetenos. It is at an altitude of 640m above sea level which provide stunning views of the mountains, countryside and Mediterranean sea.  It has a population of approximately 4000.

The village with its Moorish roots sits on the mountainside, on the edge of the natural park with amazing views. The pretty whitewashed houses line the winding, labyrinth-like narrow cobbled streets.   It has the most beautiful squares, in the heart of the village, each one a perfect relaxation spot. The charming Plaza Almijara main square is the centre of village life and there is always something going on. The coast stretches for miles, offering wide stretches of sand or secluded coves.  The nearest beach is 25 minutes away.  

With the delightful pueblo surrounded by mountains there is always an opportunity to experience all aspects of Andalusia. It is surrounded by many white villages and is perhaps one of the most active of them all.  With its wealth of bars and restaurants which unlike many others is open year round , you can visit at any time of year!

Why visitors love Competa!

Nestled alongside a sprawling 4,000-hectare wildlife reserve that encompasses the Sierra Almijara range, the village boasts an enviable location. This haven is a true delight for wildlife enthusiasts and avid bird watchers alike, who gather to witness the majestic eagles that grace the open skies. Meanwhile, the allure extends to hikers and cycling aficionados, catering to all experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a newcomer to the world of exploration, an array of trails awaits, varying in difficulty. For those seeking guidance, our team is well-equipped to assist with arranging expert guides.

Moreover, the region serves as a haven for photographers, capturing the essence of the natural world that adorns the mountainside, as well as the breathtaking vistas that paint the horizon during sunset. The mountainous panorama unfolds its beauty from dawn till dusk, offering an ever-changing spectacle. Amidst the pueblo, a myriad of picturesque edifices and captivating features invite the lens, promising to frame moments of beauty that are truly captivating.

Many of guests choose to do none of these things and just come to enjoy the ambience and wide choices of restaurants and bars in one of the prettiest villages in Andalucía.  In fact, many are so mad about Cómpeta, that they return again and again!

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Last but not least, sun worshippers come to Competa for the climate and foodies love the many restaurants and bars. Here is our top 10 of things to do in and around Cómpeta.

All our guests enjoy the warm welcome of this lively pueblo and can’t wait to tell their friends about Competa!

The Competa climate

Fortunately, Competa enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate of hot summers and generally warm winters.

Actually it has an average of 300 days of sun a year and an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. The proximity to the sea gives cooling breezes in the summertime. Though it is worth noting that it can be much cooler at night in Andalucia in the winter. Many Spanish houses are built to keep cool but do not provide heating in the cooler months and they can be very chilly.  All of our houses offer heating throughout.

Cómpeta is also close enough to spend a day skiing in the Sierra Nevada. So is perfect for mixed parties when not all members want to ski!

Where is competa?

The village is located 18 kilometres North of the coastline of Algarrobo Costa. It is about 49 kilometres from the centre of Malaga, with Málaga (AGP) Airport about an hour’s drive away. Granada (GRX) Airport is accessible but a little further away.

You can of course drive to Cómpeta, but once you arrive you don’t need a car if you prefer to stay in the town and walk to the neighbouring villages. So you can get to Cómpeta by train and bus or taxi from Málaga Airport. If you want to hire a car we have a discount code for a popular car hire company.

If you do want to hire a car and explore further afield, then the resorts of Nerja, Velez-Malaga, Rincon de la Victoria and Torre Del Mar are all great for day trips.