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I-PRAC - a global International Verification Company
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We believe all guests should feel confident when booking and paying for a holiday and that is why we are taking many steps to ensure that our customers feel safe and assured when booking with us.  Read on to see how we provide you with peace of mind, with a global independent verification company I-Prac who are leading the way in combatting holiday rental fraud..

Our properties are also registered with the Andalucia Tourism Registry for their Vivienda Rural Rental Licences:-
No 9 (VFT/MA/22721)
No 17 (VFT/MA/44312)
No 8 (VTAR/MA/03832).

We recommend you always check that a property you are booking has secured its licence with the relevant Spanish authority for its area. Un-registered properties can be a problem, often not following minimum requirements like the provision of air conditioning,  a complaints book, health and safety and so much more that they fail to provide.  These properties leave themselves open to cloning and their guests out of pocket with no holiday materialising.

Unbelievably even online travel agencies do not offer peace of mind, because they do not check or ask for evidence that the filled in rental licence number is fake or if the property is cloned.  Read more about holiday fraud in our blog ‘How to avoid being caught by holiday fraud’.

Competa Escapes

we are REGISTERED with I-Prac - an independent holiday verification company -what does that mean for you?

The press is often full of horror stories of unsuspecting holiday makers arriving to find that their dream holiday rental is in fact a fake accommodation. Left stranded with no where to go and no one to help, the holiday of a lifetime quickly turns to despair. This is because the short term rental industry is largely unregulated across the globe.

Many people will choose to book with the well known brands of online travel agents (OTA’s) because they trust that the property will be checked out.  Unfortunately this still gives no guarantee as thieves are targeting these companies and cloning legitimate properties, you think it would not be possible but it is.  Many property managers using the OTA’s manage numerous properties and just don’t notice one of their properties has been cloned until it is too late.

How can you protect you and your holiday? Simple!  Registration with I-prac is free for our guests and they will give 100% compensation in the unlikely event that there was a problem with fraud with an I-Prac member.  We are not aware of any such incident, this is because unlike the OTA’s, I-Prac do actually run a proper verification system before allowing members to join, they insist on full name, identification, bank account details and proof of property ownership which all need to be evidenced and verified. They will also assist with sourcing legitimate, alternative accommodation so that your holiday can go ahead.

So what do you need to do?  Our I-Prac membership logo is assigned to us and displays a unique ID Number, which is linked to our I-Prac membership profile, you can check our status ahead of booking and then completing the form to register your holiday with them after booking is simple.

No 9 is registered as IP21 72461 and No 17 is registered as IP 62925. No 8’s registration is currently pending.

Click to view our I-Prac verification certificates No 9 and No 17

You can click HERE to carry out a free property check!

You can click HERE to register your booking, but don’t worry on booking we send you an email with full details.

The image displays I-Prac registration number for a Competa Escapes holiday - I-Prac gives guests an extra level of protection against holiday fraud
Image shows I-Prac registration number for Competa Escapes holidays - helping you to protect yourself against holiday fraud
Competa Escapes

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Take a look at our guest reviews and see why our guests love their stays with us. With many appreciating the peace of mind and professional approach and go on to book with us again. We pride ourselves on a very high number of direct bookings, with many guests feeling confident to recommend us to friends and family.