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Trust in Us

In recent times there have been many disappointments for travellers across the globe. Many have had to cancel or postpone holidays.  Unfortunately with many companies and Online Travel Agencies, deposits and bookings may not have been refunded.  In 2020/1, we refunded or moved guests bookings under our Covid Refund Policy. Many of our guests have rebooked with us again in 2022/3, because they really appreciated that we worked with them to ensure they got their holidays.

We believe all guests should feel confident when booking and paying for a holiday and that is why we are taking many steps to ensure that our customers feel safe and assured when booking with us.  

We have an enhanced cleaning program and have invested in new equipment, which takes our exacting cleaning standards that one stage further.

Our properties are registered with the Andalucia Tourism Registry for their Vivienda Rural Rental Licences – No 9 (VTAR/MA/02090) and No 17 (VTAR/MA/02935).  We recommend you always check that a property you are booking has secured its licence with the relevant authority for its area. Un-registered properties can be a problem, they often don’t follow minimum requirements like the provision of air conditioning and health and safety.  Many will cancel your booking if they perceive that they have a better offer.

Read about this below in greater detail and if you wish to ask any questions, then please get in touch we would be very happy to answer any of your questions.

Competa Escapes

What should be offered in a property that is officially registered in Andalucia?

  • In a holiday rental between the months of May-September, the accommodation must be fitted with some form of cooling equipment in the living area and bedrooms eg. air conditioning.
  • In a holiday rental between October and April, it must also be fitted with a heating system, that maintains a temperature of 19 degrees.
  • All bedrooms must have direct ventilation to the exterior and all windows and patio doors must have some way of obscuring light i.e. curtains, shutters, etc.
  • The accommodation must be furnished adequately for the maximum guest occupancy.
  • Adequate bed linen and towels must be supplied based on the maximum occupation, plus one extra set.
  • You must offer a changeover cleaning service in between each guest occupation i.e. before arrival and after departure of each guest. But it’s not necessary to offer mid-stay cleaning.
  • You should have a medical kit available in the accommodation.
  • Guest must be supplied with tourist information, activities, restaurants, shops, details of the nearest parking area, medical facilities, transport, along with a map of the local area, etc. This can be supplied to guests either as a physical book, or digital format.

  • Every property must provide an official complaints form for guests and the location of this must be indicated in the property.
  • Guests need to complete a Guest ID form, which must be submitted to the Guardia Civil within 24 hours of their arrival.
  • Owners must provide instructions (or the user manual) for all electrical domestics and electrical appliances and instruct the guest how to use each appliance when they arrive, at the same time as any telephone, wifi, alarm and access cards, or similar, so they have complete independence during their holiday.
  • Owners should also include a set of rules for the home  i.e. pets, smoking, etc. Along with the regulations of the community or building in which the property is situated.
  • All guests must receive a written booking confirmation, which includes total price of stay, including any extra charges and deposit.
  • Guests must receive a receipt each time they make a payment towards their stay, or ancillary services.
  • Cancellation policy: If you have not indicated otherwise in your Booking Terms, cancellations made by the client earlier than 10 days before the arrival date, will be subject to losing 50% of the deposit. Cancellations made within 10 days of arrival, the owner is entitled to keep the full payment.

    This information is an extract from a blog by our good friend Louise Brace of Rental Tonic, visit her site for full details.
Competa Escapes

Enhanced Cleaning Policy

We also understand that for our guests, cleaning is an increasing priority.  We value yours and our staff’s safety immensely.  We have always prided ourselves on high standards of cleaning as noted in our 5-star reviews.

However, we continue into 2022 with our extra Covid measures to ensure we have done absolutely everything to keep everyone safe.  For this reason we cannot always accommodate early check-in or late check-out.