July 25, 2022

Visit Competa and choose the perfect time of year for you!


Here's the low down on the best time to Visit Competa!

Some of the fiestas have an exact date and some are there or thereabouts.  So, for the purpose of providing information, we are giving you this year’s dates to give you an idea of the activities you might enjoy and in which month you might like to visit Competa.

We’ll also let you know if they are firm dates or likely to change, if you want to make sure you are here for a certain event, talk to us before booking. Many of the events are very popular, particularly the Feria, Noche del Vino and the Walking Festival, these dates always book early with us.

Firstly, let’s talk about the weather!  Of course, there are no guarantees but here is a rough guide. You can always find the current weather on the home page of our website here

What is the weather like in Competa?

Cómpeta is in the Axarquia region of Andalucía, and it sits above the Costa del Sol.  For this reason, it is known as the ‘Cornice of the Costa del Sol’.  It sits 636m above sea level in the foothills of La Maroma Mountain.  So, you can experience different weather to that at the coast. The nearest beach is Algarrobo Costa, 18km away. Sometimes it is beautifully sunny in Cómpeta and cloudy at the coast and sometimes vice versa. So if you are planning to visit Competa, bear in mind it does have some very hot months in the summer, these are ideal for relaxing with the shoulder months ideal for hiking, cycling etc.

Spring (March through May)

Spring is the second busiest season for tourism, which makes it a good time for those looking for things to do. It is particularly popular with walkers and cyclists.  You can expect some humidity and rain during this season.

This period also covers Semana Santa, Easter week, which is a very special time in Cómpeta, when you can observe many local traditions and moving ceremonies/processions around the village. Read our blog all about Semana Santa for an indepth insight.

Summer (June through August)

These months are ideal for sun worshippers, be aware that temperatures can get very high, especially in August. There is little rain during this period. June – August is the busiest season for tourism in Competa, so hotels and holiday rentals can be busy and charge a premium. Due to the popularity of this season it is wise to book well in advance. Activities best suited to this month are water sports like Barranquismo (Canyoning) with professionals like Titan Aventura, highly recommend by our guests.

Autumn (September through November)

Again, these months are popular with cyclists and the walking community.  The weather is also ideal for day trips and exploring the many wonderful sights of the Axarquia/Andalucia region. It is a beautiful time of year to visit Competa. You can expect some rain during this season, but it is never around for long.  It is the perfect time of year to take a guided tour and our friends at Oletrips offer just that.  From the Alhambra to wine tours and experiences like cooking classes or goat herding. They really do offer something for everyone, in small groups, travelling in an air conditioned mini bus. They speak Spanish, English, Dutch and Swedish.

Winter (December through February)

Competa is an all-year-round destination, so the town is very much open during this quieter season, so if you’re keen to avoid other tourists this is a good time to visit.

Because Spanish houses are designed to be cool in the hot summers it can be very cold once indoors out of the sun.  So, choose accommodation which has heating of some sort installed, be it dual air conditioning, log burners or like No 8 underfloor heating throughout.  This period can be quite rainy, so bear that in mind when looking at activities.  If you’re searching for a home here, this period is a good time to visit.

Additionally, we are only an 1 hour 45 minutes away from the Sierra Nevada ski range so you can ski, stop by at the coast on the way back to sit by the sea in the sun, or head straight back to Cómpeta for a cheeky tipple in the bars., 

Notable dates in Cómpeta - January to June

As we’ve mentioned, Cómpeta is a year round destination and there is nearly always something going on.


On the 6th – It is Three Kings Day, celebrated far and wide in Spain, with lots of things happening in the run up to it.  Read more in our Three Kings Blog


This year Easter Week, Semana Santa was from the 10th – 17th April and it involved many processions and celebrations.  Take a look at our Easter playlist on Youtube.

Obviously, Easter is changeable, so if you want to come, then La Semana Santa is the week which culminates on Easter Sunday.


15th – 18th June, was the Ruta de la Tapa this year.  12 restaurants participated by creating a tapa each, over the 4 days you visit the 12 restaurants, where you can buy the tapa and a drink for €3. If you completed La Ruta de la Tapa you were given a T-shirt and entry into a prize draw for lots of cash prizes. This was its second year and both times it has been in June, but we are not aware of a set date for it yet. This year’s winners were Hierbabuena – they have a range of dishes, our favourites are the Tajines and this was the dish they chose to showcase on La Ruta de Tapa.

20th – 25th June we celebrated La Semana Cultural.  Lots of events took place over the week culminating in celebrations in the main square, Plaza Almijara.  On the Friday night everyone was entertained in the earlier part of the evening with Disney shows and again later with musicals such as Abba and Phantom of the Opera. On the Saturday night there was a party with lots of music, before prize giving for the events during the week.  Including the Ruta de La Tapa and the photography competition.

23rd June – is the night of San Juan, there are celebrations in Cómpeta, but also many flock to the coast.  On the coast, nothing starts before 10pm and then after midnight floating rafts are set on fire and pushed out to the sea. Read more about San Juan here.

25th – 26th June – Cómpeta celebrated its first ever Pride event.  The team organised four events to fund raise for the Pride Event, including a White Party and Mama Mia evening.  Pride weekend was a huge success and will return again next year, follow the activities here on their website.

Notable dates in Cómpeta - July to December


21st – 24th July sees Competa’s favourite event of the year, the summer Feria.  Including a foam party on the Saturday and on the Sunday free paella for everyone, followed by the beautifully traditional Romería.  Young and old, men and women dress in traditional Spanish outfits, accompanied by their decorated Oxen and beautiful Andalucían horses. It is a great time to visit Cómpeta if you like to party, but it is a 4 day, most of the day and night celebration – so if you prefer quiet avoid Feria weekend.

Throughout the event there also runs a large fun fair in the lower part of the village. This year, every evening there were also some fantastic performances on a large stage.  Certainly, an event that should be experienced! This is not a fixed date, but generally it is said to be the weekend closest to the 3rd Thursday of the month. 

Dates are not officially announced until January, by which time our accommodation is generally booked.  However, with planning it is possible to book covering the possible options. No 9 overlooks the party, so you can dip in and out as you please.


15th is always the date for Noche del Vino or Night of the Wine. Although it is labelled as night, it is an all day and all night long event.  The whole town is decorated in Medieval style and there is free food and drink on offer, normally a traditional dish called Migas served with salt cod and a side of grapes and the celebrated local wine, Cómpeta Vino which is from the Muscatel grape and comes in sweet, medium or dry varieties. Read all about this special event here. Again, a fabulous time to visit Competa and though the festivities are loud, like Feria, it is just for one day.


15th – 18th September is the popular Artwalk, which this year will also feature crafts.  We are lucky to have many local artists and photographers whose work will feature.  Here are just a few of our favourites who are all residents of Cómpeta. Sandra Costello, Leanda Robertson of Leanda Jaine Illustrations. who is opening a studio in Cómpeta and will be giving workshops too and sculptor and painter Bo Arenander.  The Artwalk features many artists, both local and international who exhibit in local houses and Townhall buildings. You can follow the artwalk here on Facebook or on their Insta page.

29th Sep – 2nd October is the date for the Cómpeta Walking Festival, now in its 10th Year.  This year they have added a further level of ability taking it to three levels. You can read all about this great event here.  It is a great way to explore this unique area and the beautiful vistas.


31st October, we celebrate Noche de las Castanas or Night of the Chestnuts.  Normally held in Plazoleta, so you get a fantastic view from No 8, although last year it moved a few hundred metres to Plaza Vendimia.  There is live music, and everyone is provided with free roasted chestnuts and Anis.


18th December is certainly worth a mention for our cycling fans.  This is the date this year of the annual hill climb race from Vélez-Málaga to Cómpeta.  It is called La Clasica del Pavo, Pavo is Spanish for turkey and the winner of each category wins a Turkey, just in time for Christmas. It isn’t a set date but is always around this time.  You can read a great account of this race here.

If you would like to visit Competa but your activity is not listed above, just drop us a message and we will happily provide info on the most suitable month.

What is Cómpeta like?

As you can see Cómpeta has a lot going on and this list is just the tip of the iceberg.  This lively white mountain pueblo always has something to please all ages.  Its people are delightful, the children smile, the elderly gentleman in no rush, tip their hats, and everyone says Hola (hello), pronounced without the H as they pass. It is larger than some of the surrounding white villages which can be very quiet, but less touristy than its charming neighbour Frigiliana, which is about 35 minutes away.

It has an eclectic mix of nationalities living there, yet still manages to retain its Spanish charm. Many of its streets are tiled and lined with tall, white Spanish townhouses adorned with brightly coloured, scented flowers. The town has a rich history. Visit the 16th Century church on the square, and the walk of traditions beside it or follow the Mosiac trail, you can pick up map routes from the town hall.

Its nearest airport is Málaga Airport (AGP) and that is under an hour, just 56 km away, with numerous daily flights from many destinations.

Read more here and also on the Ayutamiento (Townhall) de Cómpeta website

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help. 

Where to stay in Cómpeta?

We have a selection of lovely luxury townhouse villas with pools in the centre of the pueblo, all with ensuite bedrooms.  With all modern facilities, hi-speed WiFi, Smart TVs with Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Should you want to visit Competa, we guarantee we have the best AirBNB’s in Competa. If your dates are not available on our site or you would prefer a hotel or B&B, then just let us know as we would be happy to give you recommendations from our network of providers. You can view our houses here.