Things to do in Competa!

In Competa there is something for everyone!

Here are our top 10 things to do in Competa!

  1. Visit the Plaza Almijara main square and the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción along with the Paseo de las Tradiciones.
  2. Visit a bodega and have a vineyard tour, Bodegas Bentomiz and Bodega Almijara are very good.*
  3. Go canyoning or kayaking with our friends at Titan Aventura *
  4. Visit an art gallery, we recommend Galeria Luz de la Vida.
  5. Go on a Hummer experience, off road through the Tejeda and Almijara natural parks with Salamandra Aventura. *
  6. Go a guided walking/hiking tour. *
  7. You can visit the hanging houses, particularly beautiful at night.
  8. Visit the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares to find out about Competa’s rich history.
  9. Visit the tourist office, they are a wealth of information with maps and activities on offer such as a guided tour of the village.
  10. Visit one of the many Festivals, Ferias and Fiestas – Noche del Vino (night of the wine) on 15th August each year.  Four day summer Competa feria in July. Three Kings Festival on January 6th each year.  For more on these head to our blog page.

We can help you organise all of the * activities with no commission fees added, you pay the tour company directly.  We are happy to advise on all the things to do in and around Competa, so you can ensure everyone in the family has a great time! Ask us about all the great things there are to do, drop an email to

Ferias and Fiestas

Ferias are held throughout the year and Cómpeta’s Feria is in July. Be prepared to party until the early hours and to have a great time with fireworks, music, drinking, dancing and amusement park rides and games. The Plaza Almijara square comes alive with a foam party and the steep La Rampa has a water slide for the daring. Our favourite event is when all the Cómpeteno’s gather in traditional dress for the Romeria. Many ladies will match their daughters in the specially made Traje de Gitana or Traje Faralaes: a traditional flamenco dress. You will find men on horseback in the Traje de Corto: A traditional outfit: a short jacket, tight pants, and the Cordobés hat.

Another popular Cómpeta celebration is the Noche Del Vino or Night of the Wine which takes place on the 15th August.  This celebration takes place all across the village, where you will see the streets lined with medieval markets.  

Cómpeta has some of the area’s best local wine, at the end of the day there is a program of flamenco and Sevillano music and dance plus limitless free wine. You can also gather some of the free collectible posters, designed by a different artist each year – see how many you can spot in the Competa Escapes houses.

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