Noche del Vino, Competa

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Noche del Vino which translates to Night of the Wine is a traditional festival in Competa. Held on the 15th of August each year it is the perfect time to experience the history of Competa.  Originally the festival was a farewell celebration to those who were leaving the pueblo to attend the harvests in the countryside. They would not return for a couple of months when the harvest of the grapes and raisins had finished.

What to expect

Firstly, the fiesta begins with a procession and the arrival of the grapes as the Fandangoes accompany the procession to Plaza Vendimia. This is where the treading of the grapes commences, a joyous celebration for all.

Throughout the day, a medieval market runs from Plaza Vendimia down to the main square, Plaza Almijara. Adorned with colourful flags, the route and many side streets make for a wonderful spectacle.

Free food and drink for all

Those attending are treated to one of the local specialities Competa wine. The wine is made across the region by both commercial vineyards and locals.  You will see many grape drying beds on the mountain side. They are the white oblong boxes where the grapes are dried in the hotter months and turned into juicy plump raisins. Similar to sherry, Competa wine is made from the Moscatel grape. It ranges from very dry which is perfect as an aperitif or the very sweet Vino Dulce!

In addition, served in abundance  with the free wine is Migas, pronounced Miyas. Migas translates in Spanish to breadcrumbs, this a popular way to use the stale bread.  Variations differ across the regions, the base ingredients are breadcrumbs, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes. Next they add Morcilla (Spanish equivalent to black pudding) or Chorizo, or in our region fish.  The dish served at this year’s festival included cod with grapes and salad.

Traditional Entertainment

The evening of Noche Del Vino culminates in performances in Plaza Almijara, they were all fabulous but our favourite was Joana Jiménez who gave a lovely flamenco performance.

Most importantly, after the eventful day, the dancing and celebrations went on throughout the night. The Plaza Almijara remains packed until the early hours.

No 9 and No 17 are both in the midst of this celebration and should you wish to visit next year, then it is best to book early!

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