Covid - 19 Information

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 Covid Refund Policy

We understand that holiday makers are concerned about what will happen to their booking in these times of uncertainty. Throughout 2020 we worked with all guests to ensure that those that could not take their holiday, were offered a workable solution.

In 2021, we will continue to offer a flexible booking policy on all direct bookings.  This means that if you cannot take your holiday because of Covid in your home area or in Competa then you can either have:-

👉🏻 Either a full refund less any fees from your chosen payment method or

👉🏻 A transfer to new dates to the equivalent or lower season with no admin fees payable or a transfer to a higher rate season with only the difference in the price payable

Note:- we cannot offer this on bookings made through the online travel agents as it will depend on their own terms as your agreement is with them.

💳 However, rest assured booking direct with us offers you the most competitive pricing.

✈️ Book your holiday with Competa Escapes for total peace of mind and you could soon be enjoying your perfect holiday in the sun

Cleaning Policy


We also understand that for our guests, cleaning is an increasing priority.  We value yours and our staff’s safety immensely.  We have always prided ourselves on high standards of cleaning as noted in our 5-star reviews.  However, we continue into 2021 with our extra Covid measures to ensure we have done absolutely everything to keep everyone safe.  These measures include gaps between bookings, *ozone cleaning system, no contact check in, online guide-books.

*Competa Escapes wishes to offer guests a room that is extremely clean, sanitised and decontaminated. For this reason, we use an Ozone sanitisation system throughout our houses. In a short time, it penetrates deeply into all the fabrics (carpets, curtains, mattresses) enters the air conditioning systems and all the drains destroying every microorganism that might be present.

Already used in situations where hygiene is vital, such as operating rooms, the sterilisation system uses the unique powers of Ozone to sanitise environments in a natural, economic and ecological way.

in the preservation of food products, in the purification of water, today with new technologies it is also possible to apply to our rooms to enhance the safety of our customers.

Immediately after the use of ozone, the environment is completely sanitised. At this stage we will follow with the remainder of our 5-step cleaning process.