Beyond Chocolate Eggs: The Majesty of Semana Santa in Spain

The image is from Semana Santa 2023 and shows the Easter procession of the Tronos of the Virgin Mary

easter in spain, exploring the wonder of holy week in MÁlaga The dictionary quotes the word ‘Majesty’ as a noun that refers to greatness, splendor, or grandeur, especially in a dignified or impressive manner. This summarises completely our experience, when visiting Málaga for our first experience of Semana Santa in Spain in a city.  In […]

Cómpeta Summer Feria: An Andalusian Celebration

The image shows the vibrant colours of the traditional dress adorning the horses at the Competa Summer Feria.

Unveiling Cómpeta’s Summer Feria Cómpeta Summer Feria – Welcome to a glimpse of the superb celebration that is the four-day summer feria – an unmissable event etched onto our calendars. In this blog, we’re here to share our experience, bringing you closer to the heart of this cultural extravaganza that is steeped in tradition and […]

Artistic Holidays in Cómpeta, Andalucía!

Picture depicting one of the images on the Mosaic trail of Cómpeta, a white pueblo in Andalucia, Southern Spain. A great place for artists or those that love art.

Discover the artistic wonders of Cómpeta, Andalucía! Unleash your creative spirit on artistic holidays in this charming pueblo. Immerse yourself in Centro Luz de la Vida’s diverse art collection, burst with joy in Gerardo Garcia Ávila’s vibrant gallery, and explore unique leather treasures at Luikatcuero. Journey through time with awe-inspiring murals and captivating mosaic tours. Embrace your inner artist with workshops and art-themed excursions. Immerse in local culture, wander charming streets, and be spellbound by Cómpeta’s artistic atmosphere. Experience the enchanting magic of artistic holidays in Cómpeta, Andalucía!

Sayalonga: A Charming Whitewashed Village

Featuring Nispero's also known as Loquats or Medlar fruit. The blog tells of Sayalonga in the Axarquia region of Spain, where this fruit is famous and even has it's own festival. El dia de Nispero.

Sayalonga: Rich in History, Culture, and Natural Beauty Sayalonga, a charming, whitewashed village located just 9 kilometers from the coast, is a must-visit destination for guests staying in Competa. With its lilac flowering Jacaranda trees, typical Andalucian squares, and spectacular mountain and coastal views, Sayalonga exudes an old-world charm and tradition that has been preserved […]

How to avoid being caught by holiday fraud

Image shows angry man on the phone - articles discusses the pitfals of scam holidays and how to avoid them

How to protect yourself from holiday fraud You save all your hard-earned cash all year, ready for a fantastic holiday, so you want to make sure your money is safe!  So how do you avoid a holiday scam? Holiday fraud is a worldwide problem for us all.  Travellers want to ensure they can book with […]

Playa Cantarriján – a playa nudista

The low sun setting in the sky in December on Playa Cantarrijan in Andalucia

An outstanding area of natural beauty! Playa Cantarriján is one of the most popular playa nudista or nudist beaches in Spain. It is striking, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and is a great bay for snorkling. Located in Andalucía in Southern Spain on the Costa Tropical.  It is approximately 45 minutes east of Málaga city and […]

Visit Competa and choose the perfect time of year for you!

The photo is of Cómpeta, a white mountainside pueblo in Southern Spain in the Andalucia region. It features in an article detailing the best time to Visit Competa.

Here’s the low down on the best time to Visit Competa! Some of the fiestas have an exact date and some are there or thereabouts.  So, for the purpose of providing information, we are giving you this year’s dates to give you an idea of the activities you might enjoy and in which month you […]

Our Top 20 Airport Tips

Our Top 20 Airport tips – to make your trip easy Read our latest Travel Tips Thursday blog.  This week we focus on preparing for your flight and navigating the airport.  Here are our Top 20 Airport Tips. Before you arrive at the airport. 1 – DOWNLOAD THE AIRLINE APP Most airlines have apps you […]

Finding the best flight deal!

Finding the best flight deal – our top ten tips! Whether you’re a solo traveller or in charge of booking the family vacation, finding the best flight deal can make a huge difference on the overall cost of your holiday. There are many sites out there that claim to know how to beat the airline […]

Why a Costa del Sol holiday?

Are you looking for a Costa del Sol Holiday?  It is officially the sunniest region in Spain, with an average of 320 days or 2905 hours of sun per annum. Easy to see why it was given the name the Costa del Sol, meaning Coast of the Sun. It is treasured by all nationalities and […]