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Competa Escapes - a collection of holiday rental townhouses

Unwind, unplug and enjoy yourself with Competa Escapes!

Cómpeta Escapes is home to a collection of town houses for holiday rental in Cómpeta.

Following the success of No 9 Competa, we found that we could not escape to our holiday home because it was popular throughout the season.  Moving to Cómpeta was a long-term goal and so a plan was formed to find another town house to renovate.  The search was narrowed down to two beautiful projects, one larger and one smaller.  Unfortunately, we could not decide as we loved both so much and so we are now the proud (perhaps mad) owners of three Cómpeta townhouses. No 9 and No 17 are already available for rental and will be joined in 2020 by No 8, which will be renovated to the same high standards as No 9 and No 17.

All three town houses are located within a few steps of the Main Square, Plaza Almijara.  No 9 is tucked away in the corner of the square itself, thus offering fabulous views of the square.  No 17 is less than a minutes walk away on a quiet street off of the square. All three will feature pools (No 9 has a courtyard pool and No 17 a rooftop pool), stunning roof top views, high-end quality furnishings, bespoke artwork and design, with the highest quality linens and towels for guest’s comfort.

Our reviews are very complimentary, and we are very proud of them, take a look and see what previous guests have enjoyed about No 9, No 17 and Competa.

We hope to be able to welcome you to one of the townhouses soon.

Best wishes,

Nicki and Paul


Paul and Nicki


Interesting fact about No 9

In its former life No 9 housed donkeys at the back of the house, where there is now a courtyard swimming pool.  This was common practice in mountain villages, the town houses can often be found with Bodegas of one form or another, because donkeys were a common form of transport through the narrow cobbled streets.  There are not so many donkeys left nowadays, though a donkey welcomes you to the village and there are still many donkey tracks you can walk.  No 9 donkeys used to enter and exit on the road behind, but there is no longer a gateway as the courtyard is now enclosed.  You will see in the dining area of the courtyard that there are still the original donkey ring ties and to the left is where their manger was.  Donkey translates as El Burro in Spanish.

The tradition of keeping our four legged friends indoors has not completely disappeared, if you wander towards the museum you will see a horse who pokes his head from an upstairs window in an apartment near the museum.

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